What If The Democrats Don’t Come Back?

A State Representative once told me that Democrats tell you what they are going to do. It was Republicans that worried him.  A R may preach conservatism but feel a need to compromise. The R usually justifies his compromise by saying, “it is better to get half a loaf of bread than no bread at all.” That’s a discussion for another day for the D is my focus. The D doesn’t tend to compromise. They wear their opponent down.  They have a history of civil disobedience to wear down their opponent. Is it any wonder that Democrats broke quorum to avoid election integrity legislation in Texas? I think not. Breaking quorum is a form of civil disobedience. My question to you is, what if the Democrats don’t come back?

The Roll Call website recently published a story about Congressman John Lewis’s funeral and briefly alluded to civil disobedience history. Interestingly, the phrase “good trouble” referred to in the Roll Call story was also on the masks of some Democrats at the Texas Capitol during the regular session. This was weeks or months before Congressman John Lewis passed away, the man known for favoring that phrase. A phrase he believed was synonymous with civil disobedience.

So, if the Democrats want to act as if election integrity legislation violates civil rights, it makes sense why they wore face masks that read “good trouble.” By doing so, they told everyone during the election integrity hearings what they were going to do. During these hearings, was when I first saw the masks. By breaking quorum during the regular session and again during the special session, the Democrats have by their definition created “good trouble.” But, how much “good trouble” is too much? What if there is no such thing as too much “good trouble?”

They want to wear us down

Barack Obama famously said that they intended to “fundamentally transform” America. In other words, destroy and rebuild America into a Marxist nation. I’ll never forget when he traveled to China and wistfully envied how a handful of people could make infrastructure projects become law by a virtual snap of a finger. The Democrat Party no doubt still craves that much power. If Democrats are not allowed to cheat in elections, there shall be no quorum to pass any law in Texas. They want to wear us down.

Joe Biden has forcefully stated that the Federal Government must stop the states from changing their election laws. But, unfortunately, the Texas Democrat State Representatives that broke quorum went to D.C. to lobby Congress just as Biden has. So what happens next? If the U.S. Senate Republicans don’t cave so the U.S. Congress can pass unconstitutional laws dictating state election laws, and the Texas Democrats don’t return, there will be an impasse.

Who wins if there is an impasse?

So, what if the Democrats don’t come back and there is an impasse? How will that “good trouble” look? Most likely, the Texas Legislature will be disabled from enacting any more new laws. That is good for the Marxist Democrats. Their opportunities to cheat will still be there for them. Other good laws will also not be enacted. Another advantage for the Marxist Democrats will be they can use Texas as an example to the rest of the states. Their message to other states could be, “Don’t you dare try to prevent us from cheating, or we will shut your state down too.”

Many disagree; they argue that the Democrats have embarrassed themselves. They contend that the Democrats will realize that they are losing in the court of public opinion and will return home. This argument overlooks two facts. One is that the Democrats have no shame. The D’s know that there are no racism or civil rights violations in the proposed election laws. Secondly, they don’t care how bad they look if they can cheat and gain more power. They don’t have a majority in the Texas House, but the minority holds the majority hostage under present law.

What do we do?

First and foremost, we should pray for a miracle and that we find good peace instead of good trouble. We must pray that good overcomes evil. Second, we must put our feet to our prayers. That means we call and encourage the Republicans in Austin to stand their ground. It also means that constituents of Democrat House districts call and urge their representatives to return to Austin.

There is no compromise concerning election integrity. It must be easy to vote and hard to cheat. We must encourage the Republicans to find a way to conduct business. The minority can no longer hold the majority hostage and allow cheating to continue. Free and fair elections are part of the bedrock foundation of this country. Our foundation must not ever be permitted to be fundamentally transformed. Lying Democrats must never prevail, no matter what they write on their masks.