The Trembling Duplicity Of A Spaniel

Thomas Paine wrote, “The more men have to lose, the less willing they are to venture.” Paine explained that generally, the rich are slaves to fear. He wrote that they “submit to courtly power with the trembling duplicity of a Spaniel.” Now, why would he write such a thing? It was his observation of history. Paine even said, “commerce diminishes the spirit both of patriotism and military defense. Thomas Paine’s publication titled Common Sense first found an audience on January 10th, 1776. All of his quotes are from that publication.

Was Thomas Paine a prophet?

If one didn’t know better, one would believe Paine was writing about companies today. Some people are afraid of the government and do the government’s tyrannical bidding. For example, some businesses require their employees to wear masks that don’t work. Some employers require their employees to get vaccinated with experimental drugs that are not vaccines and are only modest prophylactics at best. Meanwhile, some corporations dutifully censor citizens discussing the efficacy of other medicines that appear to have some success. Paine’s observation of history seems to be prophetic. On the other hand, perhaps it is just history repeating itself.

Or is history merely repeating itself?

A lust for power has changed many D.C. leaders from public servants to putrid tyrants. As Paine wrote, “When William the Conqueror subdued England, he gave them law at the point of a sword.” Paine then warned of what happens if consent is not given to the seat of government legally and authoritatively. He said, “we shall be in danger of having it filled with some fortunate ruffian.” Now, unelected members of agencies write legislation, and executive orders create laws without congress. If that were to happen, Paine asked, “where will be our freedom and our property?” No wonder businesses tremble like frightened dogs and tell lies while the wolves from Washington start knocking on our doors.

Where is the cavalry?

We cannot wait for the cavalry to ride in and save us. It is the consent of the governed that provides the power for sound government. Therefore, it is time to stand up and tell the federal government, they no longer have our consent. Our state governments must stand up and apply some Common Sense to the federal government. Paine wrote, “Youth is the seed-time of good habits.” Therefore, besides encouraging our state governments to do the right thing, we must instill Common Sense in our youth. They must be taught not to tremble when faced with tyrants. We must speak truth to power.

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