The Facts about Taxpayer Funded Lobbying:

  • Up to $41 million of YOUR tax dollars was spent by local government in 2017 to hire outside lobbyists to lobby state government.
  • Public agency associations sell advertising to government contractors with the income from this advertising going to pay for lobbyists.
  • In addition, hundreds of local government employees descend on the state Capitol every session to lobby for more power and money for local government—these people do not register as lobbyists.
  • We, the Grassroots, will counter these lobbyists and local government employees when we also descend on our state Capitol during the 2021 legislative session.
    • Working together, we will bring 100+ Grassroots activists to the Capitol every working day of the 2021 legislative session!
    • Plan now on committing yourself to get to your Capitol in Austin at least one time during the 2021 legislative session.
    • Keep up with the latest information on our Grassroots Gold Rush page.