Reaffirm the End of Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

I Can Vote Twice? Really?

Yes, Really! First, during the Republican Primary, you can register your support for Ending Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying by voting “Yes” on Proposition 3, which reads:

“Texas should ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying, which allows your tax dollars to be spent on lobbyists who work against the taxpayer.”

And then, get to your Precinct Convention and submit a resolution (more below).

Are There Recent Examples of These Lobbyists Working Against the Taxpayers?

Taxpayer Champion, State Senator Bob Hall (R-Edgewood), pictured above left with State Representative Mayes Middleton, reminded us in an email how these lobbyists acted during the 2019 Texas Legislative Session, including:

  • Opposed the ban on a state income tax (meaning they wanted a state income tax like California).
  • Advocated for a higher gas tax.
  • Lobbied against bond transparency to put information on the ballot to tell taxpayers what bonds really cost.
  • Lobbied against allowing voters to have a say in property tax increases.
  • Lobbied for more toll roads and to allow freeways to be converted to toll roads.
  • Fought to kill election integrity bills, stop stiffer criminal penalties for mail in ballot fraud, and stop verified voter roll protocols. 
  • Lobbied against letting parents decide the best education for their child. 
  • Tried to kill the bill that fixed (and funded) the teacher retirement pension. 

View Senator Hall’s full email here (Click)!

Okay, I Voted Yes on Proposition 3. But I’m Ready to Do More. What Can I Do?

As a voter, you’re qualified to attend your precinct convention. Those will be held beginning Tuesday March 3 (7 PM) through Saturday, March 21.

Check our Election Day and Precinct Convention Information (When and Where) HERE (Click). You can search by your county.

Attend your Precinct Convention, and bring a resolution that reaffirms the Republican Party of Texas’ (RPT) platform plank that calls for a ban on taxpayer-funded lobbying. Per the RPT website:

If you are attending a precinct convention, come prepared if you have a resolution that you want to present. The precinct convention chairman must include copies of resolutions that pass or fail with the minutes of the precinct convention that are submitted to the county party for the next convention level. So, you should have your resolution(s) typed or written.

You should have at least 4 copies, 1 for yourself & 1 for each of the 3 sets of minutes that are made. The Chairman cannot refuse to hear your resolution if you have only 1 copy, but he can require that any resolutions longer than a few words be in writing. You should try to have copies for all or most of the delegates attending the precinct convention in order to speed up the process. Also, you are less likely to have your resolution rejected simply because the delegates cannot read or understand it.

RPT Resolutions

A Sample Resolution

We made use of State Representative Briscoe Cain’s recent article in The Houston Courant to craft a sample resolution. Feel free to use this in its entirety (just print 4 copies of the PDF and bring to your Precinct Convention), or download the Word version and change to express your thoughts on this issue.

Sample Resolution (PDF) – Reaffirm Ending Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Sample Resolution (Word) – Reaffirm Ending Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying

Don’t Pass Up This Opportunity to Vote Again!

The precinct resolution process is your opportunity to vote a second time, to ban the practice of taxpayer-funded lobbying.

It’s time to #EndIt.