Make Election Integrity Great Again – House Version!

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UPDATE (3/23): All Election Integrity Bills scheduled for Monday’s hearing (March 22) were “Tagged” by 5 Democrat Senators, delaying the public hearing until Friday, March 26.

Election Integrity Week Continues at Your Capitol!

Grassroots Gold hosted a live update from the Capitol; hear from Patriots who did not get to testify.

Grassroots Gold will host another Special Edition Facebook Live at 5:30pm Tuesday, March 23rd, with the latest news on the Election Integrity legislative battle in Texas:

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The House Elections Committee will hear House Bill 6 (HB6) this Thursday, March 25th, at 8AM!

This is an All Hands On Deck Call-to-Action!

If you cannot attend in person, you can submit comments for Election Integrity online (click here)!

Election Integrity was the #1 Legislative Priority from the 2020 RPT State Convention.

As a bonus, 2 other RPT Legislative Priorities are being heard as well on Thursday – House Bill 749 (HB749), Banning Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying from Rep. Mayes Middleton, and 4 Constitutional Carry bills (HB 1238HB 1911HB 1927 & HB 2900)!

Online comments for Banning Taxpayer Funded Lobbying (Click Here)!

Online comments for Constitutional Carry (Click Here)!

Full House Elections Committee Agenda Here! 6 bills total, ALL Election Related!

Note: Your RSVP let’s us know you’re coming, and we’ll send you specific information regarding the hearing after you regsiter.

Grassroots Gold will be at the Capitol with activists eager to participate in these hearings. Join us at the Capitol on Thursday, March 25th.

We recommend you sign up with Gun Owners of America, and our friend Rachel Malone, for the best information on 2nd Amendment issues. 

The eyes of Texas —and our nation are upon US! 

But it’s up to Us to Make Texas Lead on Election Integrity!

If you believe this is the most important thing we can do to protect our elections then it is time to act! It’s time for you to show up and raise your voices!

Please RSVP for Thursday, March 25th, here:

Let’s make history. This is Your chance to share your voice, your story, your passion, your love of Texas, our nation, of Liberty itself!

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