The Gold Standard - Showing Up!

Does Your Liberty Group Need Inspiration and Motivation?

Tamara and Paul have traveled across Texas, informing, inspiring, and challenging fellow patriots like you to dare to participate in history!

We’d love to share our experience, encourage your engagement, and connect you with resources to be difference makers – in your own community, and at the State Capitol in Austin.

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We’ve been blessed to meet with many of you all over Texas. It’s our privilege to share your Golden Opportunities with Grassroots Gold.

Showing Up Makes a Difference

The most powerful message you can bring is simply YOU!

Whether it’s Town Halls, Candidate Forums, Block Walking, your Party Convention Process, or advocating your passion for Liberty, simply “being there” demonstrates that you mean business.

In 2017 we were blessed to be with a liberty-focused grassroots movement unlike Texas has ever seen. Governor Abbott proclaimed the grassroots were “storming the Capitol” by the thousands.

Our desire is for every grassroots advocate to experience the utter joy of feeling your hard work move elected officials to action.

Be Joyful in All You Do!

Guardians of Liberty never rest. There we were, literally the 11th hour, making sure those with the authority knew that we were still watching.

You’ll meet the best people in the world as an engaged citizen activist. Fellow Patriots with a passion for liberty, just like you.

And, it’s more than fun. There is utter joy in working hard to secure liberty. The joy of satisfaction, of work well done.