Gold Nugget, December 14, 2021

Special Grassroots Gold FB Live,
Tom Bogart, Founder Southwest Freedom Flyers

Facebook Live, December 14, 2021

Tom Bogart, Founder of the Southwest Freedom Flyers, joined Grassroots Gold on our special episode.Southwest Airlines employees have made their opposition to the vaccine mandates very public.

Tom shared with us the latest in the battle for medical freedom as employees from Southwest, along with those from United and Delta, and employees in other transportation companies, are the tip of the spear in our national resistance to mandatory vaccinations.

Last month, Tom was joined by hundreds of airline employees and freedom loving Texas patriots in a rally at Love Field in Dallas.The SW Freedom Flyers continue to grow and inspire Texans and Americans in their pursuit of individual liberty.

Last week SW Freedom Flyers partnered with Medical Freedom Act to host Dr. Richard Bartlett at a COVID Early Treatment event.The SW Freedom Flyers are looking to expand their influence into other grassroots efforts. This unexpected challenge to their individual medical freedom has stirred up the American Spirit, and thousands of these employees, their family members and friends are ready to align and act with like minded patriots.