Speak Freely, Act Freely! The Founders' Intent for Governance!

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Speak Freely, Act Freely!

The guarantees in the first amendments can be summarized by these four words: Speak Freely, Act Freely. Congress cannot make any law which:

  • establishes religion or prohibits the free exercise of such
  • abridges freedom of speech
  • abridges freedom of the press
  • prohibits or abridges the right of the people to peaceably assemble
  • prohibits or abridges the right of the people to petition the Government for a redress of grievances

The Grassroots Gold Mobile App brings the 1st Amendment into the 21st Century (Click for More Info).

  • Freedom of Religion: Daily Prayer Calendar for each State Legislator in every State, articles and opinion pieces from The Imaginative Conservative and For the New Christian Intellectual (more to come…)
  • Freedom of Speech: Public Activity Wall (the virtual community “water cooler”, Private, Public, Group channels for Chats and Broadcast Messages
  • Freedom of the Press: the latest from Heritage Foundation (Daily Signal), Breitbart, Judicial Watch, The Epoch Times, Blaze Media, Texas Public Policy Foundation, and more
  • Peaceably Assemble: Promotes meetings, events in your Group Channels (Contact us to to get exclusive update access for your group!)
  • Petition the Government for a redress of grievances: Promote local, state and national committee hearings, town halls, regularly scheduled meetings (school board, city council, county commissioners). Encourage personal contact with your elected officials.

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“encourages the public to share the daily actions & content they believe will add value to their lives and model healthy habits for others to duplicate.”

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  • “to positively reinforce good habits”
  • “to focus on FINDING COMMON VALUES and highlighting them”
  • to “become “addicted” to doing good”

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