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Thursday, April 1st, 8AM, Your Texas Capitol

These Patriots with Texas True Project will be there – will you?

  • On April 1st, Your Capitol Will Be Ground Zero in the Most Important Political Battle of Our Lifetime – HB6
  • The Future of Our State, & Our Nation, is In Our Hands
  • The Left Is Throwing Everything They Have at This – Are You Ready & Willing to Say “Come And Take It!” to Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke!

In the Capitol Atrium, Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke was joined by Democrat Committee members John Bucy III, Art Fierro, Jessica Gonzalez, & Michelle Beckley, and Democrat State Representative Nicole Collier.

They all promise to be back on April 1st.

The left is fighting for this so hard for one reason only – they KNOW we outnumber them, but they are counting on past history that constitutional conservatives will not have the stomach for the fight, will get tired/worn out, will find excuses, will “hope” that we can win the next fight.

There will be no “next fight.” This is it. The last institution they need.

We know it’s a tall order, a “big ask”, to once again encourage you to make it to the Capitol, this time during Holy Week.

But Americans, Texans, have done hard things in the past.

Now it’s Our turn!

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“When people do not have confidence in our electoral institutions—when political legitimacy is questioned—liberty is threatened. Therefore, it is incumbent upon the Texas Legislature this session to ensure that elections, the bedrock of our Republic, are free, fair, and secure.”
– State Representative Briscoe Cain(See full article here) 

It is our Legislature’s duty to ensure Texas voters have trust in the election process.

It is OUR duty, as citizens, to demand that our elected officials, pass and enforce laws that ensure elections that are free, fair, and secure.

What must such laws include?

  • Verify that only eligible voters are allowed to register and require regular audits of voter lists to ensure they only include eligible voters. 
  • Make vote-by-mail only available to citizens that are elderly, disabled, or serving in the military. 
  • Protect elections by prohibiting private funds from being used to supplement local elections administration budgets to selectively boost turnout.

The House Elections Committee will hear House Bill 6 (HB6) this Thursday, April 1st, at 8AM!

This is an All Hands On Deck Call-to-Action!

If you cannot attend in person, you can submit comments for Election Integrity online (click here)!

Election Integrity was the #1 Legislative Priority from the 2020 RPT State Convention.

Grassroots Gold live report from the Capitol just moments after the March 25th House Elections committee hearing  abruptly ended.

Now it’s Your turn to Speak. To Act. To Self-Govern!

The eyes of Texas —and our nation are upon US! 

But it’s up to Us to Make Texas Lead on Election Integrity!

If you believe this is the most important thing we can do to protect our elections then it is time to act! It’s time for you to show up and raise your voices!

Let’s make history. This is Your chance to share your voice, your story, your passion, your love of Texas, our nation, of Liberty itself!

Notice: Senator Brian Birdwell’s Emergency Powers bills will be in committee on Wednesday, March 31, 9AM.

Notice: Senate State Affairs will hear Senate Joint Resolution 45 (SJR45) and Senate Bill 1025 (SB1025) on Wednesday, March 31, 9AM. Committee Room E1.028. Committee Agenda here.

If you can attend in person, please do so. If not, Chairman Bryan Hughes has provided an email address where we can send in testimony: [email protected]

Senator Birdwell joined Grassroots Gold on March 9th and explained his legislation, SJR45 and SB1025.

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