Correction (oops) - Move Freely America rallies against Vaccine Mandates!
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Grassroots Gold Newsletter November 15, 2021

Error/Correction: Our previous version of this newsletter erroneously identified the Lt. Gov. candidate at the freedom rally as Matthew Dowd. We compounded our error by identifying Mr. Dowd as a Republican (though he is a former advisor to President George W. Bush, Mr. Dowd is proudly running as a Democrat. We should have known better...).


Aaron Sorrells, candidate for Lt. Gov., and truly a Republican, was in fact at the freedom rally, and addressed the hundreds lining Mockingbird Lane during the rally.


Many thanks to our ever alert friend JoAnn Fleming from Grassroots America for spotting our error, and kindly pointing it out to us.

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Hundreds of Patriots Join with Move Freely America at Love Field
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Grassroots Gold was blessed to join with Move Freely America, SW Freedom Flyers and Restore Liberty, along with 500+ grassroots patriots last Saturday at the entrance to Love Field, Dallas.


The organic "rally" began forming just before 10am, and hundreds of patriots joined with airline employees from major airlines (Southwest, American & United) protesting the vaccine mandates, citing infringement on bodily autonomy and our individual right to informed consent for any medical procedure.


The rally participants showed their happy warrior resolve in the face of the pending separation from their careers.


Several pilots from United Airlines flew up from the Houston area to show their solidarity. These pilots have just been put on Leave Without Pay by United, and are wondering what the next step will be for them in their careers.


Several candidates for statewide office joined in support, including Aaron Sorrells (Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor) and Don Huffines (Republican candidate for Governor).

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SW Freedom Flyer founder Tom Bogart (SW Airlines Pilot), Move Freely America CEO Kaye Angiel, and Grassroots Gold Co-Founders/Restore Liberty TX Co-Directors Paul Hodson & Tamara Colbert were interviewed by Epoch Times TV.


When the Epoch Times report is published, Grassroots Gold will send that along in a separate email.

Grassroots Gold shared a Facebook Live during the rally. Click the image above to play our Rumble version of the video.

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